Moving this blog! Check:

Moving this blog! Check:

Due to blogsport unfortunately closing down by the end of the year, I am moving this blog to

Thanks to blogsport for hosting my scribbling for such a long time and looking forward to seeing you all on noblogs!

Feb 22nd & 23rd – Köpi Birthdayn w/ Ann Antidote & Notorische Ruhestörung @ Queer Gala on Friday

Radio show about XB Matinee on BluePrintRadio on Colaboradio 88.4

Check it out:

Notorische Ruhestoerung
Jeff Purchla
Elmer Kussiac
Irene Graziadei
Schadensersatz in Form von Gerümpel

Fr, Feb 8th – Teresa Riemann & Naked straight edgers on coke @ SamaCafé

Sun, Feb 10th – Matinee #37 @ Peliculoso

On stage from 4PM:
Sex_kitten_baby is the synthesis of various alternative musical styles ranging from acoustic folk tradition, experimental music and lo-fi indie rock. The trio is a testament to the multicultural environment of Amsterdam in which they formed, fusing the sounds of different cultures into an experimental and arresting psychedelic mix.
Rob and Maya met in Istanbul, they were part of another band combining indie-pop and Turkish tunes. After touring around Israel, Italy and Turkey, they decided to move to Amsterdam in 2016 and form a new band. They started combining their musical worlds, including Country rock, Klezmer, Blues and Free-Jazz in search for a new sound. In order to get promoted at work, Rob asked his boss David, from a music data company to join the combo and now the band includes distorted guitar, electronic beats, viola and looped synthesisers. They have since toured many venues throughout Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and New York City.
Sex_kitten_baby debut album ‘A Debate About A Lobster’ was released in February 2018 at an album launch party in Dokhuis Galerie, followed by the release of music videos for tracks ‘Stupid Oven’ and ‘Warm Tears’.
The band is currently in the studio working on the follow-up to their debut, which is planned for release in early 2019.

Elmer Kussiac is a Berlin-based musical trio featuring cello, double bass, and electric guitar, all of which are processed through a system of analog electronics. The sound represents a diverse array of musical influences that reflect the individual background of each member, ranging from minimalist drone music to contemporary classical music, traditional Turkish music, and noise rock.

Noisycrane began as a solo project for songwriter Cody Swanson during high school in Louisville, KY. In college the project developed into a band that has since evolved through many rotating members, shrinking to a duo or expanding to seven people. Noisycrane has a self-released catalog of three full-length albums, an EP, and many CD-R collections. A 7″ was released on forskinnysteve Records (

Their most recent release, “Wrong Timing” was produced by Chris Barrey and recorded in his apartment in Brooklyn.

+ Vegan Tacos from Los Nopales. For real this time!
Right after the concerts from about 19 Uhr do stick around for a movie screening!

Thu, Feb 7th – Tomatale aka The return of the killer tomato III @ Peliculoso

Sat, Jan 26th – Noise meets Bondage @ In parallel spaces, Leipzig

Noise meets Bondage collective aka Ann Antidote, Lun Ario and Notorische Ruhestoerung will be performing on Sat, Jan 26th at In parallel spaces in Leipzig.

For more info, check:

Sun, Jan 20th, 19h – Caine Panik ft. Ann Antidote & Notorische Ruhestörung @ Vernissage „Creatures of the night“, Sonntagsclub

Freies Radio 88.4 w/ Naked straight edgers on coke

Dank an die Kuze-Leute!

Matinee #36 @ Peliculoso / Köpi

#36 at Köpi!
The matinee will take place at Peliculoso, the cinema room at Køpi on Köpenicker Str. 137.
On stage from 4PM:
- Ursonate (Kurt Schwitters vs Flaviu Tilinca & Notorische Ruhestörung)
- Sleem (
- Semiotic Primate (