Oct 24th, 9pm @ Koma F: Du Champ, Loopoloco, Busato/Szardenings/Virtaranta & Jetzt werd ich dumm!

Du Champ

(avantgarde – impro – noise – contemporary rock)


Jetzt werd ich dumm! (Ex Der schreckliche Besuch)

Oct 15th – The revenge of the killer tomato

Oct 5th – Irene Graziadei & Jetzt werd ich dumm! (Ex Der schreckliche Besuch) @ Samacafé

Oct 7th – Matinee #33 @ Internet Explorer

October is coming, and the line up for edition #33 is ready! 
For this one we’ll be back to Internet Explorer

And again, Los Nopales will be there flipping tacos on the hot plate for you’ll!

From 4pm on stage:

- Kamoos 
Dark, distorted, loud, punctuated – Kamoos get under your skin. With members of Voodoo Beach, Imaginary French, Full Moon Fiasco and Juliette and the Sin, Kamoos brings together the corners of the rock and roll world into one post-punk desert night trip.

- A-E-I-O-U 
Vocally driven mix of solo guitar playing: intense yet mellow; jangley yet overdriven; rough around the edges yet smooth.

- Glassberg and the Disasters 
With clever wordplay and infectious melodies, Berlin-based American songwriter and guitarist Rachel Glassberg weaves hilarious yet weirdly affecting tales of club bouncers, B-movie directors, frustrated physics grad students and much more. Since 2015, her band The Disasters has helped these nerd-friendly earworms achieve their full indie-pop powerhouse potential, complete with harmonies and the occasional saxophone solo.

ps: if you don’t know where Internet Explorer is shoot us a message.

Wed, Sep 26th – FARRO FARRO, Inutile témoin, Johnny brennt! & DJ ManaCerace

(Impro noise drums and pfeffer)

Inutile témoin
(Madhouse punk)

Johnny brennt!

Tue, Sep 18th – At daggers drawn @ Bideodromo Bilbao

Screening „At daggers drawn“ by Ann Antidote & Notorische Ruhestörung!
Check http://bideodromo.com/2018/programa18.html

Sun, Sep 9th – Matinee #32 @ Vetomat

Line up for September is ready!
This time we will be hosted by beloved screen-printing workshop, Vetomat on Wühlischstr. in Friedrichshain.
And again, to keep us company and fed, Los Nopales will prepare a Mexican Küfa!
From 4pm on stage:
- “You don’t have to be able to play an instrument or be a musical person, just come by regularly” …that was the initial slogan of the Berlin-based band Mumbles. Mumbles were born out of a desperate need to do anyhow music-making. After a couple of band transformations, they ended up with a pile of pretty unique songs, blending dewy-eyed ambitions and unspoiled skills with a good portion of fuckoff-punkish attitude.
Mumbles like making noise, pom-poms, cakes, dance, scream and shout. Mumbles are going to present a special acoustic set as duo/trio
- Do you remember Razor Cunts and Eyelashes? Well, Rorschach Bruises are somewhere in that direction. In other words: If you fold a bruise in half you get twice as many teeth marks! Rorschach Bruises make noises with nintendo, cello, tarot, magic boxes, grubby queer poems, and general howling at the moon. They can’t spell their own name but they’re probably wearing really good outfits.
- Mein Haus are a duo of sorrowful violin and timid cello. Classical music school teaches you to respect your instrument, and treat it with care and love. Mein Haus show no such care or love. Alternating between control and chaos, meditative repetition and outright violence, Mein Haus abuse their instruments for your enjoyment. Appearances can be deceiving indeed. here: https://meinhaus.bandcamp.com/releases

Where to find us:
Wühlischstr. 42

Thu, Sep 6th – Ann Antidote & Notorische Ruhestörung @ Gogbot Enschede 2018


Sat, Aug 18th – Koma F w/ The bloody marys, Hit Gib, Generación Basura & Naked straight edgers on coke

My dears!

My humble self, the matinee crew and more XB collective members are proud
to present you

The bloody marys (Surfpunk, Kreutziger Str)
Generación Basura (HC, Sevilla)
Hit Gib (Post-something, hoffentlich post-tendonitis)
Naked straight edgers on coke (XB-Tresen Duo All Stars)
DJ Vomit (Matinee Hits)

all live at KOMA F, Köpi, Köpenicker Str. 137, on AUG 18th, 9PM.

Bis bald!

Thu, Aug 16th – Notorische Ruhestoerung Solo @ AMS Camp

I will be opening the cultural program, so come early!
More info: http://amscamp.de