Mon, Dec 10th, 9pm – The return of the killer tomato (DIY movies for and by DIY movie makers & friends) @ Peliculoso

Fri, Dec 14th – Opta H, Geigerzähler & Pulverin @ Koma F

Sun, Dec 9th – Matinee #35

#35 will be a very international edition with acts from… many different places. Plus tacos by Los Nopales will be back with us!

Once again we’ll T.A.Z. the Galiläakirche/Jugend [widerstands] Museum on Rigaer Str 9, Friedrichshain.

From 4pm:
Lonesome Leash
This project is a one-man band of sorts, with accordion and keyboard, drums and trumpet. L.A. Record said “With synthesizer, drum machine, and pulsing accordion, it makes for a wild and piercing echo of Henry Flynt, Bruce Haack and/or Arthur Russell that gathers power as it moves along”.
Have a listen here:
And a look here:

El Gos Binari
File under: experimental folk lo-fi loop Barcelona. This is the solo project of Jordi, bass player of Catalan math-rock quartet Parmesano.
El Gos Binari plays slow and haunting ballads that bring us back to uncanny places: a childhood play, a forgotten detail in a recurrent dream, or simply to the day you first talked to the Binary Dog.–l-OrnW4

Bippi Krill
This is Bippi Krill church debut. check it out!

Dragons+Doyle is a duo experimenting with abstract storytelling and the meditative effects of repetition. A cymbal and a loop pedal, a voice and two hands. Sonic waves surround and like the great whale the seas begin to move around you. Relax they are here to help.

+ DJ JeanFrank
+ Vegan Tacos


Rigaer Str. 9/10
10247 Berlin

Fri, Dec 7th – „Die Ursonate“ @ SamaCafé

My dears, I am happy to present the work

„Die Ursonate“ written by Kurt Schwitters

live @ SamaCafé together with another Tresenkraft

on Friday, Dec 7th, 9pm.

Beware, strictly Kinderprogramm!

Fr, Nov 30th – Naked straight edgers on coke @ Potsdam Noise Geballer / Kuze

Sat, Nov 24th – VVRNGDNG, Nunofyrbeeswax & WackaWacka @ Koma F

Wed, Nov 21st – The noise bondage orchestra @ Maze

Sat, Nov 17th – Ann Antidote & Notorische Ruhestoerung @ Femme fraktale


a 2 days DIY festival organized result of a CALL FOR ARTISTS in which we proposed to weave visions of a feminist future, reflecting upon the feminist resistance throughout history and its impact on Evolution.

We invite you to weave your visions with ours!

Location: Herzbergerstr 53a , 10365 Lichtenberg (Berlin)


+ FRIDAY + 16:00 Doors open +

16:00-20:00 Workshops (groundfloor)

16h – 18h : The R*Evolution starts as a wander by #wirsindda INFO

18.30h / 20.30: Masturbation doesn’t break your heart- Female Masturbation

16:00-23:00 Exhibition

16:00-23:00 DIY Market

16:00-22:30 Soli Tattoo

16:00-19:00 Kids Corner

19:00-20:30 Küfa

20:30 Weaving Visions Of Future: Presentation of the benefit’s cause

21:00-22:00 Dance performances

-Adriatica – “BAIANA” Tribal fusion bellydance
-Jessica Akers – “mybodymycanvas” Contemporary dance
-Julianne – “Poly-Morphism”

22:00-23:00 Video Screenings

23:00-01:00 Concerts

– “All of my selves” A visual acoustic performance ritual.
Lisa Stockinger dance, Barbara Toraldo voice/acoustic guitar, Marion overhead projector

– Bahila Hijazi


–SUICIDE PROPAGANDA Electro Progressive Punk


+SATURDAY+ 16:00 Doors open +

16:00-20:00 Workshops (groundfloor)

Dance workshop by Ayesha

“Fuck Bleach!! DIY clothpads workshop ( at the market)

18h – 20h: “Dressing For A Feminist Future”, by Jessica Philbrick INFO

18.30h- 20.30h: Gender desConsTruction , an investigation through theater of the oppressed

16:00-23:00 Exhibition

16:00-23:00 DIY Market

16:00-22:30 Soli Tattoo

16:00-19:00 Kids Corner

19:00-20:30 Küfa

20:30 Weaving Visions Of Future: presentation of the benefit’s cause

21:00-23:30 Performances

– Dee Mulrey (performance), Eva Garland (costume, installation) – “Growler”

– Romina De Nardo- “La Santa Ostrica” trapeze circus

– Diana Shepherd – “Muliebris”. Contemporary Dance

– Franxi Natra – “Absurdum Delirium, Femme Placer” clownerie

– Ayesha Katz – “A Short Infinity” Contemporary dance

– Sophia Pflaum dance, Mahir Duman visual artist, Carlo Cattano musician HulaHoop Dance-Visual Performance

– Ann Antidote + Notorische Ruhestörung – The ROPE MEETS NOISE project.

– Body fool & Josefine Mühler– “I really don’t want to look at you” – theremin and tape

00:00-12:00 Djanes


all income goes to support a grassroots project throught women & art in Marocco

by Femme Brutal (Spain) & Femme Scandal (France)


Sun, Nov 4th – Matinee #34

Matinee number 34 is going to be at Galiläakirche / Jugend[widerstands]museum, Rigaer Str 9, Friedrichshain. Yes, the church in front of XB!!!
From 4pm:
Die Dschungel is a Punkrock quartet that describe themselves as 1 Dschungel + 1 Dschungel + 1 Dschungel + 1 Dschungel = Die Dschungels.

Working with combining movement and writing practices, Berlin based dancer and performer Astrid brings her stories on stage. That’s her new piece “Story Time”. Imagine a Sunday afternoon radio show, a voice running around, lingering, filling up the room with a story to be continued.
Coming from a physical place, taking body through the space, making stories happen. Astrid invites you on a spiraling path through a landscape of looping destinies.

Hearts Beating In Time
After a great response, Hearts Beating In Time has earned a place on the gigging circuit with her lo-fi tunes which are just as suitable for the dance floor as they are for winding down. A heavy French and Italo-Disco influence makes Hearts Beating In Time the new-wave project to watch in 2018.
“Listening to Hearts Beating In Time is like being given a hall pass into the kaleidoscopic mind of a shy teenage protagonist who’s only way of making sense of a the world is to shake it off one drum machine beat at a time.”
Nicole Parnis
“I love the subtle melancholy, the dreamlike arpeggios, the ideal proportions, the dual childlike voices. I recommend you to check it out and support this project, this is true passion music. This is the present and the future.”

Least but not last, dj Jean-Frank is in da house!
Rigaer Str. 9/10,
10247 Berlin

Fr, Nov 2nd – Naked straight edgers on coke + M.I.P.V.

Naked straight edgers on coke & M.I.P.V. ( plaxing @ Sama Café, Samariterstr. 32, today, 9pm!